The Author Genesis Project

A hands-on costumer project made to express an element of ourselves, and turn it into a creature. Costume Made out of DIY materials from Poundland and Fabric shops.

The Author Genesis Project is a 3-week long project involving costume-making and filming. The first week was making the costumes, we individually made our own piece. The costume had to embody a few elements that best represents us on an emotional level. As i was a person who loves to sleep and consume rice, I made myself into a sloth made of "rice". The process involved the countless search for suitable materials representing the "rice " element of the piece and sculpting an anatomy and shape that would best mechanically hold the pieces together to be worn.

The last part is a collaborative film made between 6 people and their 6 costumes. The narrative of film sets in a flat occupied by this creatures and they teamwork on making a pot of salad for luncheon. Drama happens in the storyline and ruins the food in the end.