In Collaboration with Earth Music Ecology Taiwan,
I made a series of illustrations of hybrid forms of frogs and vegetables, which I call “ Frog Fairies”.
As a group of four, their form and interaction are explored in different scenarios of human activities. 
The release came with a series of frog portrait events held at the event.
Press Shot
Press Image by Earth Music Ecology Taiwan, Stripe Club TW 
Jumper Design 

made with Procreate.

Model Shot

press image by Earth Music Ecology Taiwan, Stripe Club

Model Shoots of the Jumper 
Photo: Ernie Chang

Tote Bag Design

Final drawing for the design made with Procreate
Display shot by Earth Music and Ecology, Taiwan

Design: Jumper with EMBROIDERY Patch

photo by Ernie Chang

Product Display shot By Earth Music Ecology Taiwan,

Product Release Event

live Frog Portrait drawing

Unused Designs/ Abandoned Frogs
Acknowledgements to the friends and family , Lin, and the Team at Stripe Club.
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