The National Palace Museum in Taipei, Taiwan is a world-renowned gallery that holds numerous significant artefacts from the Imperial era of China and the dynasties going way back. In the gallery, they exhibit bone-white porcelains with illustrations in Chinese Ming blue ( generally known as "Delft Blue")  from the Yongle Region that I have always been in awe with. Not only were those illustrations decorative, but they also hold symbolic importance or depict the cultural landscape. As an avid fan of ceramics, I have been longing to illustrate my imageries and stories on porcelain, especially in Ming Blue.

Familiarising myself with Chinese mythologies, I wanted to bring the narrative into a current climate, weaving in personal experiences and analogies that are later illustrated on to the vases. Each vase tells a personal story and is embellished by imageries and totems found in Chinese culture.
Materials : Ceramics, Ming blue and red glaze.
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